Autor: Robert Krelle

When is a System Compromised?

In IT security, the question of when a system is considered compromised is all too often not a technical one, but rather a decision based on a risk assessment. This requires careful consideration and the best possible determination of the actual situation. This process goes far beyond the mere identification of technical indicators. What Needs […]

NIS-2: TeleTrusT vs. IT Planning Council

The NIS-2 Directive of the European Union will significantly increase the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU. The directive envisages an expansion of cybersecurity regulations to new sectors and institutions, aiming to improve the resilience and response capabilities of public and private entities, authorities, and ultimately the EU as a whole ( The IT […]

The Pocket-Sized Assessment: A Universal Guide for Effective Work

We all know complex challenges, regardless of the field we are currently in. To be prepared for complex tasks in everyday life, I present the „Pocket-Sized Task Framework“. This framework, with its mere seven simple steps, offers a holistic approach to tackling all kinds of challenges in a structured and planned manner. The Pocket-Sized Task […]